Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Wise Blood tracks

Karl, has been at work on his next album. It is a big change from his first album under the name "Wise Blood". He has changed from alt-country, rock and roll to more experimental hip hop (a la Why?, and anything under the Anticon record label), I like the change and think he is more suited for this music. Has a real good flow, and great beats. Please check both these tracks, and let me know what you think!

The Breeze Knees 3

Swim Swam Swum 2


Friday, April 3, 2009

Paul McCartney - Electric Arguments

Finally something Paul does that can make Beatles fans proud of. Sorry, for all you Wings fan's (I just could never get into it). This album's songs and lyrics were written in the space of a day, all instruments played by Paul. This album shows there is something that Paul has still got. He was always known as the cute one, but Paul was always a mastermind as well. He wrote and played most of the famous Beatles tunes, both pre-and post drugs. It seems that maybe because of the short time period to make this album, Paul's ego maybe didn't get the chance to get in his own way. Rock, Blues, Electronic infused songs brings to mind Paul's creativity and raucous vocals on The White Album. Check this out, definetly worth the time, especially for those people wondering where all the artists from years past have gone to. My favs are Highway, Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight, Sun Is Shining, and Sing The Changes. Enjoy, and remember the old Paul.

Chad VanGaalen - Soft Airplane

Chad VanGaalen is a singer/songwriter/artist from Canada. He creates most of his songs and art from his home, rarely ever leaving. His story brings to mind the life and times of Daniel Johnston. Like Johnston, Chad VanGaalen sings about life, death, and existence using good imagery and creative lyrics and song structures. A VERY, VERY great album. This is a one man album, he uses guitars, drums, and also various electronic instruments as well as a xylophone to create almost childlike music with very adult like subjects. He also creates and directs his own music videos. Check them out below. Soft Airplane favorites are Willow Tree, City Of Electric Light, and Inside The Molecules. Enjoy