Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Coconut Records - Nighttiming

Just when I thought Jason Schwartzman couldnt be any more talented, he transitions from great acting in movies like Rushmore, Darjeeling Limited, and Shop Girl with a pretty good pop album. Under the name Coconut Records Jason makes a record that seems to be better musically and more catchy than his brother who fronts Rooney. Schwartzman not only wrote all the songs on the album, but also plays all the instruments too. Also listen for Kirsten Dunst who helps sing on This Old Machine, and Summer Day. Check it out, notable songs are West Coast, Mama, Summer Day, and Easy Girl. Here

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Alejandro Escovedo

Escovedo is a musical gem period. He might just put on the best live show I have ever seen. He is in a tight race with Flaming Lips in that respect, although their live performances are totally different. Alejandro doesnt use spectacles or crazy means to inspire the audience. When a friend and I saw him perform at the Southgate House in KY, we were floored by him. We went in knowing very little of his music, only what we heard from him on a Fresh Air segment on WNKU. The intimacy of the performance was incomparable to anything we had experienced before. Especially when he and his violin player left the stage and performed in the middle of the audience in dead silence, to have that much faith in your voice to keep notes yet fill the room is simply stunning. Anyway here are two of his albums, even though you have to see him live to get the whole feel, his albums are pretty great too.

Here is his latest release, The Boxing Mirror. This is his comeback album after almost dying from Hepatitis. Luckily for us he didnt, he survived the ordeal. I cant even imagine the pain he must have went through. Luckily a lot of music fans came out and helped to raise money to pay for his medical bills, and keep him safe. Humanity like that seems to surprise us most times, give credit to those generous people for his continuation in the music industry. Most of the songs in this are reflective, which is natural for someone who went through a possible life ending struggle. Notable songs are Arizona (which chronicle his demons of letting go of vices as he fought for his life), Dear Head On The Wall (I believe it is an adaptation from his wife's poems), Evita's Lullaby, and Break This Time. Here

Next is With These Hands, an earlier album but just as great as Boxing Mirror. Notable songs are Put You Down, Crooked Frame, and Sometimes. Here

Need A Few Laughs?

Like most people sometimes you just need to laugh, especially when your facing tough times or decisions. Here are two comedy albums that make me laugh. Remember as Woody Allen shows there is a very fine line between Comedy and Tragedy. We all deserve a little of both.

Steven Wright's I Still Have A Pony, is the follow up to his tremendously funny "I Have A Pony". This guy has to be one of the most creative comics ever. One liners and a dead pan delivery spells out laugh after laugh. As he twists normal sayings, or words into comedy gems. Not much gets someone to laugh out loud, but rest assured this will. What a genius, I cant wait to see him live. Here

This is The Agoraphobic Cowboy by Rick Moranis, yes the same comedic actor from Spaceballs and Honey I Shrunk The Kids. This is a great country and comedy album. Songs like Press Pound, have a natural country feel, while the literal meaning song is about a stalker calling a woman repeatedly. Also check out his takeoff from Johnny Cash, in I Aint Goin Nowhere. I believe he was inspired by his kids, who listen to folk and country, which inspired him to start writing these songs. The music isnt there just to be background noise to the lyrics. As Moranis says "Comedy? Country? I Hope Both." A Must listen. Here

Monday, November 26, 2007

Adam Green

Well I couldn't resist not putting up my collection of Adam Green records. Sometimes sick, twisted, funny, and sad but always worth a listen. Mr. Green isn't a singer songwriter of your parents generation, but has some serious talent none the less. Here are all of his releases that I have enjoy.

Garfield, this is his first solo album. Still has a lot of elements that made the Moldy Peaches successful. Notable songs are, My Shadow Tags On Behind, Dance With Me, and Baby's Gonna Die Tonight. Here

Gemstones. This is to some people his best, but i enjoy it probably the least of all his releases. get it Here

Friends Of Mine, this is my favorite of his the whole album is full of great songs. Every Song should be heard especially Friends Of Mine, Bluebirds, Were Not Supposed To Be Lovers, and Bunnyranch. Here

Jacket Full Of Danger, this is his latest release. He changes his voice and sound essentially every album, here he recreates himself into a drugged out lounge singer. Notables are Nat King Cole, Novotel, and Drug. Here

Jessica [EP] this is a short ep he put out between Gemstones and Friends Of Mine. Notable songs are What A Waster, and a duet with Ben Kweller doing Kokomo. Here

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Levon Helm - Dirt Farmer

This is the recent release of "The Band's" drummer Levon Helm. He has been battling throat cancer and Robbie Robertson for so many years, its good to see he has still got some music in him. Check it out here Also i believe that Levon runs like a camp thing in NY, where you can go hang with him, he'll tell stories about the music scene, etc. So if your interested here is his website. Please if you like this buy it. Levon has seen and continues to see tough times. Due to the dispute over Band royalties and medical bills. Also he does Midnight Rambles at his farm in Woodstock, so if your in the area and wanna see some old time folk music stop by, and help one of the most spirited and influential musicians in American history. This album is covers of old songs that Levon and his family grew up singing in their homes, and as one interviewer says you can "feel the dirt and feel the hot air while listening to this album."

Evan Dando - Baby I'm Bored

This is the first album released by The Ex-Lemonheads front man after his long battle with drugs and alcohol. Its a great little album and worth a listen obviously. This was Dando's return to the world album, after a multi-year disappearance, that brought him back into current relevance again. I wish i could find some music of the band he formed called "the virgins" which contained himself, a guitarist from the Smashing Pumpkins, and Ryan Adams. Anyway please check it out, Dando is an overlooked musician when it comes to the 80's, 90's, and the 00's. Get it here

The Minus 5 - The Gun Album


Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Minus 5 - Down With Wilco

This album is a must have for any wilco fan. Wilco teams up with Portland based "The Minus 5". Great album, if you haven't listened to it yet, than you should now. Notable songs are, Family Gardener, The Town That Lost Its Groove Supply, Old Plantation, and Where Will You Go?. This album has both fun and seriousness within itself. The first few tracks are pretty upbeat dancing songs, as the album progress' so does the mood. The songs take up a more serious subject manner. Here

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Jacksonville City Nights

This is one of my favorite Ryan Adams albums, it seems that this and 29 have and had gotten bad reviews. I however enjoyed both, in Jacksonville City Nights Adams dives into complete country, there is really nothing "alt" about this country album. Im sure most readers already own or have previously downloaded this album, if not its here. But if you do own it, keep it warm with another spin in your cd player or turntable. Songs I love are Hard Way To Fall, Trains, Dear John, and Withering Heights.

Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli - Swing 39

Here is some old time jazz. I first heard of Django in Woody Allen's film "Sweet and Lowdown" with Sean Penn playing the fictional second best jazz guitar player. Second only to Django. So I picked up some of his albums from the library, and i thought i would share. Enjoy Here

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Adam Torres - Nostra Nova

This guy went to school with my sister at Ohio University, and she sent me his album Nostra Nova a few months ago. Its worth a listen and it also helps create a little buzz about him. Get it here.

His myspace page.

Ryan Adams - Follow The Lights EP

Here is the new Ryan Adams EP, i think this is his first of many EP's and demo's he is gonna release throughout the rest of the year. Love the songs, the Cardinals version of This Is It, another version of Dear John, and Blue Hotel. Here

More My Morning Jacket!

Ok so after a few MMJ uploads, i just decided to go ahead and upload all the MMJ i have. This holiday season, wont be complete as i wont be seeing MMJ on Thanksgiving Eve as they usually show every year to play a blowout in Louisville their hometown. But it doesnt suck completely, they wont be there because they are working on a new album. Although I liked their release Z, i prefer Jim James (Lead Singer) as the producer for their stuff, he gives it an natural and personal feel. Anyways here are some albums of theirs. Some critics (namely some guy at RS) says that MMJ is the American Radiohead, well i disagree. Mostly because that comparison has little merit, as well as implying that MMJ is just a spinoff band. The comparison helps neither band, why do we celebrate individuality in Music, yet most of the "musical critics" are so soon to compare? In my opinion I think MMJ is more creative and daring than Radiohead. I personally don't see the hype over Radiohead. Musical taste is held by the listener, so if you like Radiohead thats fine. Just give MMJ more credit than to categorize their music. Sorry about the tangent.

Does Xmas Fiasco Style. Ha this is a great holiday album, as MMJ covers some old christmas songs, and makes them better. Although the cover and the idea is pretty tongue in cheek it is an exceptional little work of music. And just in time for the holidays. It also includes a demo extra christmasy version of "Xmas Curtain" which might be their best song written. Get It

This one is a pretty good gem by them, it is just early recordings, demos, and covers. There are some great demos, and covers within this one. Check out demos of Olde Sept Blues, They Ran and covers of Rocket Man and White Rabbit. Here

Okonokos. if you haven't heard or seen this concert i certainly suggest it. Disc 1. Disc 2.

Chocolate and Ice Here

It Still Moves. It is a change from The Tennessee Fire, and At Dawn. This album is more of a rocker, Notable songs are Golden, Easy Morning Rebel, and Mahgeeta. Here

Z. Their last release, a huge change in sound. A new producer, different but accept the change. Notable songs, Gideon, Into The Woods, and Anytime. Here

Monday, November 19, 2007

Midlake - The Trials Of Van Occupanther

Whew, where do I start, this album has been my favorite of the year, and will probably still be at Dec 31. So great and beautiful, i will avoid the various comparisons to other bands, as I believe the band dislikes it so. They have become new favorite band also, I hope they come to Cincy some time soon. Please I implore you to listen and love even on the first listen. Here

I hope to upload the new Ryan Adams release here within the next few days, I should be able to post even more, as i just graduated college and have tons of time. Thanks

My Morning Jacket

At Dawn/Tennessee Fire Demos. This is essential for any die hard MMJ fan. Its fun to hear what songs may have heard like, and decide if they made the right decision. Get it

Tennessee Fire is the first full album released by MMJ and to me its their second best. It may take more than one listen to get addicted, most great albums do. Some notable songs are Old Sept. Blues, Nashville To Kentucky, I Will Be There When You Die, and Evelyn Is Not Real. Get it love it

Friday, November 16, 2007

New Morning

This has got to be my favorite Dylan album, its a pretty atypical one at that. One of my favorite songs of all time has to include - I Went To See The Gypsy. This is also one not many have heard or tried out. Another must listen. Notable songs, New Morning, Day Of The Locusts, and The Man In Me. Well hell the whole damn thing is notable

New Morning

Mr. O'Rourke

Jim O'Rourke one of the most influential and progressive songwriters and producers in late history. O'Rourke for a time was the bassist for Sonic Youth, he also the one responsible for the meeting between Jeff Tweedy and current Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche. He also produced Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, and A Ghost Is Born. He also is in the band Loose Fur with both Tweedy and Kotche. His solo albums leave nothing back, the are equally as good or great as loose fur's and wilco's efforts. These two albums are MUST LISTENS

Halfway To A Threeway


Harry Nilsson

Here is this great album from Harry Nilsson. If you are unfamiliar with name, you have to become so. Not only was he the beatles favorite American singer, but he proves he is not just another good voice. His voice isnt the lame good voice we have become familiar with these days, it surely has an individualistic sound. Songs of note, Gotta Get Up, Early In The Morning, and Coconut. Check it out here

By the way i am gonna try mediafire as the source to upload, it should be less troublesome for downloaders while providing a fast download speed. Thanks for the patience.

José González - Veneer

Well here is an album i have heard a lot about. There was an article about him in RS about a month or two ago, and also my sister has become a fan so this is for her, and you too. Get it here

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Midlake - Bamnan And Slivercork

I really got into this band recently, Their latest The Trials Of Van Occupanther is such a great album. This post is their album before that, Bamnan And Slivercork came out in 2004. It is a lot more experimental than "the trials", and its worth the listen for sure. Please check it out here

Sondre Lerche - Two Way Monologue

here is a pretty good foreign pop album. check it out here @

Wilco - Sky Blue Sky Bonus EP

So I just downloaded wilco's sky blue sky bonus ep, from their website. If you own the cd, you download it there as well, but for those wilco fans who dont own it here it is. It contains three un-released songs, and two live performances of Impossible Germany and I Hate It Here. Here @

Some downloaders have told me about problems about divshare, saying its extremly slow. So I am gonna start uploading into Rapidshare, hopefully this works better and provides faster downloads, if anyone knows a better uploading site, please let me know. Thanks

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stan Getz...

Here is some music I have recently been getting into. Getz's music for me is hard to categorize, its like "there's there there" but i can't define it. Getz is usually credited with bringing Latin infuences within Jazz. As many Jazz musicians Getz had many battles with drugs, alcohol, and various women. Also like many artists the only sanity he could find or show was within his craft, music. John Coltrane said of Getz "We’d all play like that . . . if we could." Here is my favorite of his albums and it is live. Check out Café Montmartre here @

Loudon Wainwright III - History

As Loudon says himself, the list of the best are 1) Dylan, 2)Neil, and in the third position is Loudon. I have seen the man in concert twice and he puts on a hell of a show. Loudon differs from Dylan very much so, as his songs aren't very cryptic they are just like stories. Most are about his childhood dealing with his sibilings, or as a dad singing to his son (who is of course Rufus Wainwright). These songs seem to be more meaningful for people with strange families, so if you have one try it out.This is my favorite album of his. Notable songs are The Picture, Talking New Bob Dylan, and A Father And A Son. Check it out here @

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Jayhawks Live

Here are two live Jayhawks albums. Check them out.

Live At The Womens Club here @

Live At The Womens Club Volume 2 @

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Basement Tapes

The Basement Tapes of Bob Dylan complete with the Band. Great

Notables include, Dont Ya Tell Henry, You Aint Goin Nowhere.
Disc 1 -
Disc 2 -

The Byrds - Sweetheart Of The Rodeo, Fifth Dimension

This is in many peoples opinion a terrific album, and a necessity for anyone who loves whats called "alt-country". The Byrds are a band that aren't and wont be stuck in the 60's. They still influence bands from The Bee's to Ryan Adams. Check it out here @

Just so great. Here @