Sunday, November 25, 2007

Levon Helm - Dirt Farmer

This is the recent release of "The Band's" drummer Levon Helm. He has been battling throat cancer and Robbie Robertson for so many years, its good to see he has still got some music in him. Check it out here Also i believe that Levon runs like a camp thing in NY, where you can go hang with him, he'll tell stories about the music scene, etc. So if your interested here is his website. Please if you like this buy it. Levon has seen and continues to see tough times. Due to the dispute over Band royalties and medical bills. Also he does Midnight Rambles at his farm in Woodstock, so if your in the area and wanna see some old time folk music stop by, and help one of the most spirited and influential musicians in American history. This album is covers of old songs that Levon and his family grew up singing in their homes, and as one interviewer says you can "feel the dirt and feel the hot air while listening to this album."


Anonymous said...

While you are completely right about the hard times that Levon has been though, you shouldn't buy the album or come to a Ramble because of that. You should buy the album and come to a Ramble because both are a unique opportunity to hear and see an American legend in an intimate setting and at his elemental best.
Levon is a master artist , and he surrounds himself with the same. The Rambles are one of a kind concerts of outrageous length and love, which defy definition. Dirtfarmer is a heartbreaking expression of Levon's love for the music of his youth. A great American talent has decided to have fun. I think we should all join him. said...

I agree with your side completely as well. I just think of those things when i initially think of Levon, thanks for reminding me of the artist and not just the person.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog man. I've gotten so much good shit off of here, Thanks Alot! Dirt Farmer was really great, I was wondering if you had Levon's newest masterpeice, Electric Dirt, to post.