Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More My Morning Jacket!

Ok so after a few MMJ uploads, i just decided to go ahead and upload all the MMJ i have. This holiday season, wont be complete as i wont be seeing MMJ on Thanksgiving Eve as they usually show every year to play a blowout in Louisville their hometown. But it doesnt suck completely, they wont be there because they are working on a new album. Although I liked their release Z, i prefer Jim James (Lead Singer) as the producer for their stuff, he gives it an natural and personal feel. Anyways here are some albums of theirs. Some critics (namely some guy at RS) says that MMJ is the American Radiohead, well i disagree. Mostly because that comparison has little merit, as well as implying that MMJ is just a spinoff band. The comparison helps neither band, why do we celebrate individuality in Music, yet most of the "musical critics" are so soon to compare? In my opinion I think MMJ is more creative and daring than Radiohead. I personally don't see the hype over Radiohead. Musical taste is held by the listener, so if you like Radiohead thats fine. Just give MMJ more credit than to categorize their music. Sorry about the tangent.

Does Xmas Fiasco Style. Ha this is a great holiday album, as MMJ covers some old christmas songs, and makes them better. Although the cover and the idea is pretty tongue in cheek it is an exceptional little work of music. And just in time for the holidays. It also includes a demo extra christmasy version of "Xmas Curtain" which might be their best song written. Get It

This one is a pretty good gem by them, it is just early recordings, demos, and covers. There are some great demos, and covers within this one. Check out demos of Olde Sept Blues, They Ran and covers of Rocket Man and White Rabbit. Here

Okonokos. if you haven't heard or seen this concert i certainly suggest it. Disc 1. Disc 2.

Chocolate and Ice Here

It Still Moves. It is a change from The Tennessee Fire, and At Dawn. This album is more of a rocker, Notable songs are Golden, Easy Morning Rebel, and Mahgeeta. Here

Z. Their last release, a huge change in sound. A new producer, different but accept the change. Notable songs, Gideon, Into The Woods, and Anytime. Here

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