Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Need A Few Laughs?

Like most people sometimes you just need to laugh, especially when your facing tough times or decisions. Here are two comedy albums that make me laugh. Remember as Woody Allen shows there is a very fine line between Comedy and Tragedy. We all deserve a little of both.

Steven Wright's I Still Have A Pony, is the follow up to his tremendously funny "I Have A Pony". This guy has to be one of the most creative comics ever. One liners and a dead pan delivery spells out laugh after laugh. As he twists normal sayings, or words into comedy gems. Not much gets someone to laugh out loud, but rest assured this will. What a genius, I cant wait to see him live. Here

This is The Agoraphobic Cowboy by Rick Moranis, yes the same comedic actor from Spaceballs and Honey I Shrunk The Kids. This is a great country and comedy album. Songs like Press Pound, have a natural country feel, while the literal meaning song is about a stalker calling a woman repeatedly. Also check out his takeoff from Johnny Cash, in I Aint Goin Nowhere. I believe he was inspired by his kids, who listen to folk and country, which inspired him to start writing these songs. The music isnt there just to be background noise to the lyrics. As Moranis says "Comedy? Country? I Hope Both." A Must listen. Here

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Ryan said...

thanks for the I Still Have A Pony. I've been looking for that for a while now. Thanks again.