Wednesday, January 20, 2010

FUTURE TRENDS - Palace of Dust

FUTURE TRENDS, has been recently mentioned in NME (here) and Pitchfork (here). Both instances are well deserved and earned. FUTURE TRENDS is Andrew Clark, a fellow cincinnati-an, ohioan, and good friend. He recently played his first show with Enlou (another great Cincy band). Palace of Dust is personal as much as its electronic, as dance-y as it is nostalgic. Some songs will make you remember your first relationships when anything was possible. A single kiss could send you into orbit. Palace of Dust came to me self labeled as "Space Pop" an accurate and telling title. With hand and sweat beats, Andrew makes all these "big hip hop or electronic producers" look like hot garbage. Another thing I must mention is Andrews voice, it pours and drips out like that bottle of chocolate hardshell. Just dont keep this in pantry or fridge, leave it out for everyone to enjoy. My favorite tracks are "Darkness" and "Sometimes Things Don't Match Up". Here.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spoon - +ransference

Another solid album from Spoon here. Favorites include, "Nobody Gets Me But You", "The Mystery Zone", and "Who Makes Your Money". Here.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Midlake - The C0urage of 0thers

Long awaited follow up from the great "The Trials of Van Occupanther". I had read articles about this release, and the band made a decision not to make another Van Occupanther, they said they starting listening to a lot of British Folk and it shows in this album. While the songs on this album aren't very much like "Roscoe", they are beautifully textured and layered. Thick like honey and relaxing as a massage. After a couple of listens its clear that after the vocals the drums are what drives the songs. This band continues to surprise me, and is becoming one of my favorites out there. My favorite songs are "Fortune", "Acts Of Man", and "Small Mountain". Here.