Sunday, November 29, 2009

B1akroc - ST

A new musical project from one time Roca-Fella records co-owner Damon Dash, working with the Blues Rock band "The Black Keys" to create Blakroc, a hip hop album with the Keys slaying the tracks while rappers such as RZA, Raekwon, Mos Def, and Ol' Dirty Bastard spit. Check it out Here!!!. Good Tracks are "Telling Me Things (feat. RZA)", "Stay Off The F*%$#n’ Flowers (feat. Raekwon)", and "Done Did It (feat. Nicole Wray & NOE)"

Friday, November 27, 2009

Tim and Eric - Awesome Record, Great Song

If you are a fan of this surrealist sketch comedy show. This album is a must. 49 songs made famous by the show, including covers by Built To Spill and The Shins. My Favorites are the Michael Mcdonald-ish Rolo Tony (Uncut), Marcama, and Come Over. If you dont know of the show, these songs will have no real relevance and not be as funny as they are if you know the skits to which they go with. Part 1, Part 2.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Beach House - T33n Dream

A heavily anticipated follow up to "Devotion", Beach House improves upon their atmospheric vibe. Like a fog rolling in on a North Carolina shore, the music seems to surround you. Each song blends together making the album seem like one long piece of music rather than one song after another. Let the Fog in here (Part 1) (Part 2), my favorite songs "10 Mile Stereo" - the closest to a rocker you will get, the cheery piano of "Used To Be", and the single "Norway" complete with slide guitars.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Animal Co11etive - Fall Be Kind

Excellent new EP. No review necessary just get it OK.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gil Mantera's Party Dream - Bloodsongs

If you need a good party album, you have found your treasure. Released in 2006, has yet to get the respect or publicity it deserves. Purposefully funny and epic lyrics, great robot voices, guitar solo's, and electronic beats that make even doing laundry feel like a Saturday night. Best songs for me are, the opener "Buffalo Tears", robotic Ecstasy in "Elmo's Wish", and the cheery "Brave New Christmas". Get IT

Why? - Eskimo Snow (Demos)

Nice little Demo package from one of the best albums this year. Also includes an original mix of "The Hollows" which was on Alopecia. Tracklist below- Here

These Hands (Demo)
January Twenty Something (Demo)
Against Me (Demo)
Into the Shadows of My Embrace (Demo)
On Rose Walk, Insomniac (Demo)
This Blackest Purse (Demo)
The Hollows (Original Demo)

AA Bondy - When The Devils Loose

A really solid album after his first solo release. Essentially more of the same dark barn folk, but a little more electric guitar in songs. One of my current favorite singer-songwriters, a very visual (literate) lyricist. With words and chords that will keep you warm like a glass of bourbon on your hunting perch. Here

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Enlou - Threshing Floor

This is a Cincinnati based band, consisting of some friends of mine. This is their second EP, they are currently on Lujo records. Threshing Floor has four extremely good tracks. Please check it out, and let me know what you think. My favorite song is Easing Out. Enjoy

Junior Boys - In The Morning (Single)

A single release from one of my new favorite bands. Track list is...
1. In The Morning
2. In The Morning (Alex Smoke Mix)
3. The Equalizer
4. The Equalizer (Morgan Geist Graphic Mix)
5. So Sleep (A)

Like everything these guys do, its very worth your time. Enjoy

Dead Man's Bones - ST

This is the first album by Ryan Gosling's band. I have been looking forward to this release since I heard that he had a band. This is a pretty cool album, perfect for the season, as its all about Halloween. Complete with a spectacular children's choir, lots of clapping, good but off beat drums, gouls, goblins, and everything you'd want from a concept piece. I also enjoyed finding out that the band set up to only take a handful of takes for each song, which allows for mess-ups, laughs, and noises to be included on the recordings. Great tracks are My Body's A Zombie For You, Pa Pa Power, and Young & Tragic. Enjoy

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Flaming Lips - Embry0nic

The Flaming Lips have set the bars high after "At War With The Mystics", and in my opinion Embryonic delivers. Its not as clear or concise as "At War..." but its of equal quality. The first thing you'll notice is that the Lips have gone back to the old psychedelic noise rock that they grew a cult following doing in the late 80's and early 90's, we welcome it with open arms. In an age where bands pop up everyday seemingly just doing their own version of music inspired by one specific band, The Flaming Lips appear to be a band that cannot be re-produced or copied. The album features the drums very predominately, like in "The Soft Bulletin" to which most of us is very exciting. The guitars and noise creates a haze, like a fog rolling over the streets on a late sunday night, it only enhances the overall effect of the album, an oxymoron keeping it steady and uneasy at the same time. My favorites are "Watching The Planets", "Silver Trembling Hands", and "The Ego's Last Stand". Enjoy

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Junior Boys - So This Is Goodbye

Sorry for the long break in posts, I moved, got a new job, etc. Anyways, I have also been hard up to find much new stuff to upload. Anyways here is another great Junior Boys album. The first song will grab you. Their music is pretty relaxing, perfect for a ping pong match in my opinion, or hanging outside on a porch with some good friends. Enjoy

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why? - Eskimo Snovv

This heavily anticipated album from the alternative rock/hip-hop group leaked a couple days ago, the past few days at work its all I can listen to. Do yourself a favor and get it now. Best tracks are Into The Shadows Of My Embrace, Eskimo Snow, and January Twenty Something. But every song is well worth the listen. Here

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New great site - Rebuilt Tranny

A great site from a good friend, he is going through the process of digitalizing all his rare/weird records. As a friend who has sat with him through some of his current and future posts, there are some really great albums that will be posted. If you love rare music here is where to go.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Please go see this movie.

Junior Boys - Begone Dull Care

Third album from this electronic duo from Canada. An excellent offering to the music world, not as fast paced as most electronic music but better in my opinion. The beats are slower, Junior Boys let the beats sink into your bloodstream and take control. The opening track "Parallel Lines" is probably my favorite, for some reason the beat makes me think of the film Escape From New York. "Hazel" is another great song from this album, probably the most danceable as well. "Work" is another fantastic song, sounds like an LCD Soundsystem track. This may not be the best album for a saturday night party, but is perfect for a relaxing time after work. Enjoy here.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why? - Eskimo Snow - News

Here is the latest on Why?'s upcoming album Eskimo Snow, the follow up to the fucking incredible "Alopecia".


Link to video

And also due to the positive response from the "Eskimo Snow (Sock Hop Version)", I found the album Version, Here.

And, finally for all of you still enthraled with Alopecia, I found the complete "Alopecia Demos" Here.

Spoon - ETC

Recently got some older stuff by Spoon, and thought i would upload them. Also their newest EP.

First up is the single "The Agony of Laffitte" from their album "Series Of Sneaks". Here

Next is "Car Radio" single another off of "Series Of Sneaks". Here

And Now their New EP "Got Nuffin", hope this will keep you satisfied till their next release. Here

Telephono, is their release from 1996, crazy to think about how long they have been around. Not as polished or minimalistic as their music now. But still very good, and definetely worth the time. Fav tracks are Dont Buy The Realistic, and Nefarious. Enjoy

Soft Effects is an EP released in 1997, all songs are really really good. If you were to add a few more songs to this it would be a hell of an album. Enjoy.

Yim Yames - Tribute To [EP]

Most will know that Yim Yames is actually Jim James of MMJ. This EP is a collection of George Harrison solo songs, as well as a few Beatles tunes. MMJ will be on hiatus for awhile, after years and years of releases and touring, so Jim James solo projects will hopefully keep you hooked. Enjoy Here

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

WHY? - Etc

First up is a WHY? MP3 put up to draw attention to a cause to help the Sudanese people. Check out the link to see how you can help by buying a Vinyl mix, with songs from Why?, Jim O'Rourke, Dan Deacon, and Mount Eerie. All money made goes to the cause, please help out if you can.
Eskimo Snow MP3

Rubber Traits (EP)

Sanddollars (EP)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest

After listening to the band's side project Department Of Eagles and their latest album "In Ear Park", I thought it would be really tough for the band to top it, not to mention their fantastic album "Yellow House". But they proved me very wrong. This album lived up to the months and years of hype, and all the shitty leaks that have been heavy throughout the internet for months. This is one of the best of the year so far, (i think i can say that since the year is about half over). Cant wait to see these guys at Pitchfork. The album was recorded in a small church, and the sound certainly matches the setting. My favorites are Two Weeks (backing vocals by Beach House s Victoria LeGrand), Cheerleader, While You Wait For The Others, and Southern Point. Enjoy

Part 1

Part 2

Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

Just a great hip/hop album.

Part 1

Part 2

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bike For Three! - More Heart Than Brains

Bike For Three! is comprised of Buck 65 (Canadian rapper from Anticon) and Belgian producer Joëlle Phuong Minh Lê. The two have never met, the project has been created across the ocean. This transatlantic effort has produced a really fucking good hip/hop album, the music is less "beats" and more atmospheric (not like the group) but the music creates the landscape, the scenery. The music keeps you planted as Buck 65's stories will sweep you into deeply specific and personal times and spaces. Favorites are Lazarus Phenomenon, Always I WIll Miss You. Always You., and The Departure. But this isn't an album that you can just listen to one song, you have to hear the whole thing. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

FIRS - I Will Come Back As A Volcano

FIRS is a band featuring friends of mine, the band is comprised of two people. The first is a very good friend of mine Sophia, who also works with Wise Blood and DJ's on Woxy on monday nights starting at 5. Woxy is a free independent internet music radio station. They play a lot of great stuff, so please check out her sets. The other member is Joey who is known most, for fronting the Cincinnati band The Pomegranates. FIRS is technically his side band, but I like it a lot more than the Pomegranates music. I think with FIRS being between two people instead of four, Joey has more overall control of the songwriting and also the direction of the music. The looseness of the songs reminds me of Daniel Johnston or Stephen Malkmus, Joey and Sophia aren't scared to switch up the pace and direction of the song at any point. I like this as for the first few listens you are on your toes wondering where they will take you next. Its certainly a great change from a lot of the bands who seem comfortable just keeping the laissez faire attitude. The sounds of this album range from bits that seem that they would come out of a gameboy to drum tracks to distorted guitars. Also another thing you will notice is Joey's very high pitched voice which I assure you adds to the beautiful insanity of the music. This album I am posting is there first, they are currently signed to Lujo Records and working on their follow up record "Man In Space", until then please enjoy this new favorite band of mine. Favorite songs off this are the opener "Whale In The Night", the great love ballad "For Myself Also", and the bass line of "On Your Side". Please Enjoy responsibly. Part 1, Part 2.

Their Myspace also.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Elephant Stone - The Seven Seas

Elephant Stone is a band from Montreal, although from the sound you would assume they would be from somewhere between California and India. I say this because Rishi Dhir, the bands frontman, also plays the sitar on many of the songs off this album. At first when i heard about the sitar on this album i thought maybe it was just a way that they thought that they could stand out. But I couldn't be more wrong. The songs seem to be crafted very very well, the sitar adds such a beautiful and complex new sound to these light, summer songs. One blogger noticed the similarity between Dhir's voice and George Harrison, yes it is there, and to me quite noticeable. My favorites are I Am Blind, (the jam) Don't You Know, The Seven Seas, and Oh Heartbreaker. Enjoy.

Crocodiles - Summer Of Hate

Found this as per a request a reader made. Thank you whoever you are. Summer Of Hate is the first album from this San Diego band. They have received a lot of buzz both good and bad, I really enjoyed this low-fi shoegaze rock album. This is a really solid album and I have been listening to it for the past couple weeks. My favorites are I Wanna Kill, Young Drugs, and Flash Of Light. Enjoy.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wilco - Wilco (The Album)

It was months ago when Wilco premiered the title track "Wilco the song" on the Colbert report. From then on for me it was a countdown until my favorite band, the band responsible for my musical tastes would come out with a new album. This one was quick Wilco seemed to slow down after A Ghost Is Born, and Sky Blue Sky wasn't what people expected. Some wanted them to keep with the sonic youth type sound experimentation, others wanted a return to the masters of folk who released A.M. and Being There. The result then was in-between. It took me awhile to learn to adopt Sky Blue Sky as a part of the Wilco family, but I am glad I did. This album has created a similar battle, same battle perhaps but new ground. Some say "boring" or "un-inspired" others say "brilliant", "best album this year". I dont have the knowledge or foresight to say either. All I can say is that, i enjoy this album, very much so. To me it seems absurd that Wilco fans would triumph that the band owes their fans anything. If anything we know Wilco as a band whose primary focus is music that they want to play. They are the artists, their job is to create things, songs, and pieces they are proud of and want to share. I am glad they shared this. Another talking point about this album is the total Wilco-ness of it, the album and title track named after the band. All I can say to that is, if you dont see the obvious joking manner of it all then you might want to re-consider your belief that you have a sense of humor. Jeff Tweedy is known for his jokes and also his self deprecation, this is just a manifestation of that. My favorite songs off this album are Bull Black Nova, You and I, Sunny Feeling, and Wilco The Song. Enjoy

Monday, May 11, 2009

Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew - Spirit If

Downloaded this album back when it was new, and forgot to ever give it a listen. But fortunately for me a dear friend had it in his car on a 45 minute drive. Thanks Andrew. Anyways a really sprawling album from one of the many members of Broken Social Scene. From this release you can tell how much input he had into a lot of the band's albums and songs. But Drew isn't alone Feist, Emily Haines (Metric), and Amy Millan (Stars), help out too. Not exactly a true solo album, but Drew has complete corntol of direction and landscape. Judging from this you cant really question his desire to have something to call his own. Other noteable helpers on this album are Dino Jr's J. Mascis (guitar and vocals on "Backed out on the..." and Pavement's Scott Kannberg on "Lucky Ones". Like my friend said "this like most BSS albums, takes a while to grow on you". So this treats repeat listens. Enjoy.

Panda Bear - Young Prayer

Thanks to Lauren from Emerging Thoughts, for introducing me to this great release. Young Prayer was created by Panda Bear shortly after the death of his father. This intensely personal and touching album was also recorded in the same house his father died, there are no track names for a reason. There are none, this helps to keep the album more appealing to anyone. You can essentially put your own words or thoughts into the songs. Somewhat similar to what Sigur Ros is known for. The songs are all comprised of few vocal effects, guitar, and a piano. My favorite is "track 5" This short 30 minute album is very striking and will stay with you. Enjoy.

Check this out.

Really excited to be getting this soon.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Wise Blood tracks

Karl, has been at work on his next album. It is a big change from his first album under the name "Wise Blood". He has changed from alt-country, rock and roll to more experimental hip hop (a la Why?, and anything under the Anticon record label), I like the change and think he is more suited for this music. Has a real good flow, and great beats. Please check both these tracks, and let me know what you think!

The Breeze Knees 3

Swim Swam Swum 2


Friday, April 3, 2009

Paul McCartney - Electric Arguments

Finally something Paul does that can make Beatles fans proud of. Sorry, for all you Wings fan's (I just could never get into it). This album's songs and lyrics were written in the space of a day, all instruments played by Paul. This album shows there is something that Paul has still got. He was always known as the cute one, but Paul was always a mastermind as well. He wrote and played most of the famous Beatles tunes, both pre-and post drugs. It seems that maybe because of the short time period to make this album, Paul's ego maybe didn't get the chance to get in his own way. Rock, Blues, Electronic infused songs brings to mind Paul's creativity and raucous vocals on The White Album. Check this out, definetly worth the time, especially for those people wondering where all the artists from years past have gone to. My favs are Highway, Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight, Sun Is Shining, and Sing The Changes. Enjoy, and remember the old Paul.

Chad VanGaalen - Soft Airplane

Chad VanGaalen is a singer/songwriter/artist from Canada. He creates most of his songs and art from his home, rarely ever leaving. His story brings to mind the life and times of Daniel Johnston. Like Johnston, Chad VanGaalen sings about life, death, and existence using good imagery and creative lyrics and song structures. A VERY, VERY great album. This is a one man album, he uses guitars, drums, and also various electronic instruments as well as a xylophone to create almost childlike music with very adult like subjects. He also creates and directs his own music videos. Check them out below. Soft Airplane favorites are Willow Tree, City Of Electric Light, and Inside The Molecules. Enjoy

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Department of Eagles - In Ear Park

Newest album from the Grizzly Bear side project. Pretty good stuff, sounds almost exactly like a Grizzly Bear album to me, which means awesome. This is kind of a nostalgic album from Daniel, most songs are about his childhood and the album is dedicated to his father who died not too long ago. Take a trip back in someone else's mind here. Favorites are No One Does It Like You, Phantom Other, and Floating on the Lehigh.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ruby Suns - Sea Lion

Originally meant to be a world music album, but became much more. The beauty of Ryan McPhun's musical vision will engulf you in a blanket of happiness, warmth, and reverb. The sound always makes me think of a bunch of different musicians from all over the world sitting in a room on a summer day and playing good time music. Download this and you wont be disappointed, my favorites are "Oh, Mojave", "There Are Birds", and "Tane Mahuta". Enjoy

Sunday, March 8, 2009

LCD Soundsystem - S/T

I originally had listened to the follow up to this album "The Sound of Silver", and discovered this one after becoming obsessed with all the songs. This release is just as good as Sound of Silver. Basically electronica pop at its best. You know an album is going to be really great when the opener is as great as "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House", which is a story we all wish we were part of. This entire album is spectacular, whether your alone looking for some energy, running, or throwing a party this album is perfect. Other standouts from this album are "Tribulations", "On Repeat", and "Great Release". Enjoy.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Endless Highway - The Music of The Band

A pretty nice collection of contemporary bands covering some of their favorite Band songs. Notable bands are My Morning Jacket covering "It Makes No Difference", Gomez playing "Up On Cripple Creek", and Bruce Hornsby's take on "King Harvest". Enjoy, Disc 1, Disc 2.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Condo Fucks - Fuckbook

Essentially a Yo La Tengo release except in name. This is very lo-fi heavy, dirty rock n roll. I really like these tracks a lot. Very different than most if not all the other YLT releases. Through their albums they have established themselves as one of the pillars of modern rock n roll. Using different sounds and effects to traverse the landscape of ambient, experimental, shiny, and sometimes dark pop music. On "Fuckbook" the guys and girl switch up to more straight up rock, seeing them live I was surprised how hard fast and loud they play. It surprised me at the time, so listening to this, I knew it was in them for awhile. The record sounds to me like the early Beatles if they played with the Black Keys. My favorite tracks are "Dog Meat", "Gudbuy T'Jane", and "With A Girl Like You". Enjoy

M83 - Dead Cities, Red Seas And Lost Ghosts

Beautiful Noise.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I always love it when bands send me stuff to listen to. Alex from Parlovr recently sent me a few of his bands material. I was grabbed immediately by their sound, quality, and craftsmanship. After hearing all the songs they sent me, I am going to buy their independently releases self titled album. I highly recommend this for anyone who loves where modern rock is going. There are elements of noise, fast/furious drumming, and melodic lyrics. And according to their myspace, they only use a k-mart guitar, a bad drumset, and a keyboard that has a mind of it's own. Remind me a lot of Arcade Fire on their song "All The Wold Is All That Is The Case". Their hit song it seems would be "Pen To The Paper", I really like the repetitive lyrics. I always enjoy new directions in songwriting. In a day of a myriad of bands, its ironic that it gets frustrating or just seems impossible to find a new sound or band to remind you just how great music can be, this is it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Avey Tare - Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished

Avey Tare is another bandmate of Animal Collective, and this is his solo effort. Panda Bear also plays drums on this effort. This is a lot more experimental to me than most of Animal Collective efforts and Panda Bears solo stuff. Each member has a completely different view point on music as well as different loves of particular music genres. I think that is why each AC album is so much different and why their music is so crazy and beautiful. Somehow four guys with completely different loves and influences can come together and make focused music. Enjoy.