Monday, June 29, 2009

WHY? - Etc

First up is a WHY? MP3 put up to draw attention to a cause to help the Sudanese people. Check out the link to see how you can help by buying a Vinyl mix, with songs from Why?, Jim O'Rourke, Dan Deacon, and Mount Eerie. All money made goes to the cause, please help out if you can.
Eskimo Snow MP3

Rubber Traits (EP)

Sanddollars (EP)


Dusty Wilmes said...

i thought it was a new Why? album and was psyched. damn it

Anonymous said...

awesome blog, can you re-upload Elephant Eyelash?

Dusty Wilmes said...

but upon further inspection, the words to this song are some of his best

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Had to order the vinyl after hearing that new song.

Howard Roark. said...

you are my brothah from anotha mothah. I want to give you a man-hug.