Wednesday, June 10, 2009

FIRS - I Will Come Back As A Volcano

FIRS is a band featuring friends of mine, the band is comprised of two people. The first is a very good friend of mine Sophia, who also works with Wise Blood and DJ's on Woxy on monday nights starting at 5. Woxy is a free independent internet music radio station. They play a lot of great stuff, so please check out her sets. The other member is Joey who is known most, for fronting the Cincinnati band The Pomegranates. FIRS is technically his side band, but I like it a lot more than the Pomegranates music. I think with FIRS being between two people instead of four, Joey has more overall control of the songwriting and also the direction of the music. The looseness of the songs reminds me of Daniel Johnston or Stephen Malkmus, Joey and Sophia aren't scared to switch up the pace and direction of the song at any point. I like this as for the first few listens you are on your toes wondering where they will take you next. Its certainly a great change from a lot of the bands who seem comfortable just keeping the laissez faire attitude. The sounds of this album range from bits that seem that they would come out of a gameboy to drum tracks to distorted guitars. Also another thing you will notice is Joey's very high pitched voice which I assure you adds to the beautiful insanity of the music. This album I am posting is there first, they are currently signed to Lujo Records and working on their follow up record "Man In Space", until then please enjoy this new favorite band of mine. Favorite songs off this are the opener "Whale In The Night", the great love ballad "For Myself Also", and the bass line of "On Your Side". Please Enjoy responsibly. Part 1, Part 2.

Their Myspace also.


Seán said...

This stuff sounds great, some songs sound a bit wolf parade-y.
But sorry to ask, any chance of putting it up in MP3?I tried to convert it twice from this but I can't..two different programs.
If not point me in the direction of any mp3 downloads of it.
Thanks for more great music.

Anonymous said...

wow, i am really loving this!

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