Monday, March 31, 2008


Sorry for the recent lack of posts, but I have been in California visiting my mom and sister. I arrive back in ohio on wednesday, so I'll be back in the game then. Hopefully, by then the new MMJ record will be leaked (I seriously check the internet every 2 hours to see if it has). If anyone knows anything let me know. Also a couple days ago I attended the Stephen Malkmus show at the southgate house. Although I went myself I am so glad I went, Malkmus is a fucking god on the guitar and I really like all the members of The Jicks. Malkmus got a little weary when during quiet moments people would yell Pavement song requests. Thats understandable I would be upset if I were him as well. Maybe I'm crazy but after listening to Pavement non-stop, I welcome the new Malkmus stuff, even though lame magazines like spin tell you "he'll never be able to be as good as he was in Pavement". Fuck Spin. Oh well thanks, and I'll be back

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Silver Jews - Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea

Here is a terrific leak, thank you internet gods for this! I am a big Jews fan, and am glad to get to here this ridiculously early. This album isn't due out till June. I can only hope that I can hear another June release soon (My Morning Jacket). Anyways, this easter i am bypassing the egg searching to go see Stephen Malkmus at the Southgate House. He is of course a contributor to the Jews, but i believe in this effort it is just David Berman and his wife. Haven't listened to it yet, but I am sure I will be pleased. David Berman's lyrics are incredible and unique. Get this, here.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Band - Moondog Matinee

I had some requests for some more Band albums, and I am happy to supply them. I will upload more and more, but heres one to quell you until they are all up. Although this is essentially a Band cover album, they can make anything sound original and also really fucking good. Here

George Harrison - All Things Must Pass

George Harrison my favorite Beatle. I cant wait for the Martin Scorcese documentary on him. Until then enjoy this great 2 CD set, I have to concur with a friends opinion and say that some of Harrison's solo work is pretty comparable to the Beatles stuff. Enjoy here, Disc 1, Disc 2.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Before Sunrise/Sunset Soundtrack

So I re-watched Before Sunrise for the 50th time it seems. A great movie based completely in dialogue and in one day. The sequel is not bad either, some think better than the first. Anyway both have some good tunes in them, i'd thought i would share the dual soundtracks, here.

Six Feet Under : Everything Ends

I just finished watching the final episode of Six Feet Under, I had heard about the show while it was on, but never watched an episode. A couple months ago my dad got the entire series on dvd, and i started watching the show from the beginning and whipped through the series in like 5 weeks. Created by Alan Ball (American Beauty) Six Feet Under is such a ridiculously great show, it has to be tied with Northern Exposure for my favorite TV Show. The show makes you confront the fact that we all are mortal and we must face death. It will certainly make you cry and laugh, and most of all think. The last couple episodes were so heartbreaking, i wont say anything for the people who may want to watch, or people who are still getting through the series. Anyway, another great part of the series was the music it chose to include in the series. I have never seen a show include Wilco, Arcade Fire, Yo La Tengo, and Radiohead. Anyway I have uploaded one of the cds that came with the box set of the show. Here

Tracklisting in comments

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The National - Alligator

I figured it was about time for me to post this fantastic album. Every song on this album is a classic. The first track "Secret Meeting" includes the ending harmonies of the guitarist brothers screaming some inconclusive lyrics (but you will still try to sream with whatever you think you hear). Matt Berninger writes some of the most abstract and familiar lyrics, sometimes a word he sings will be something I could never comprehend and also something I feel related to. Here are some of my favorite lyrics.

Secret Meeting - "It went the dull and wicked ordinary way"

Karen - "Karen, believe me, you just haven't seen my good side yet"

Daughters Of The Soho Riots - "I have your dreams and your teeth marks"

All The Wine - Every lyric in this song are fucking ridiculously great, "I'm so sorry but the motorcade will have to go around me this time"

The Geese Of Beverly Road - "We're drunk and sparking, our legs are open. Our hands are covered in cake. But I swear we didn't have any. I swear we didn't have any"

Mr. November - "I'm the new blue blood, I'm the great white hope"

Alligator (Disc 2)


The Yo La Tengo links are fixed and ready for your ears. Sorry about that.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Brian Eno - Another Green World

Just a simply amazing record by a musical extraordinaire, contains one of my favorite tracks ever, St. Elmo's Fire. Get it here.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Yo La Tengo

I finally decided to upload some albums from a great band known as Yo La Tengo. I have uploaded their most recent album "I am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass" and my personal favorite "Summer Sun". Summer Sun is such a beautiful album, to me it always reminds me of The Velvet Underground, if they were still playing now. Favorites of summer sun are Season Of The Shark, Little Eyes, and Today Is The Day. Enjoy

Summer Sun

I Am Not Afraid Of You, And I Will Beat Your Ass

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fleet Foxes

Ok so I am riding on the coattails of Anna Apocalypse and sharing a great new band. Fleet Foxes a band I was unfamiliar with just a few days ago, has become one of my new favorite toys on itunes. Their sound is very reminiscent of My Morning Jacket and Band Of Horses. But dont skip over these great offerings because you think they are treading water. Their sound and song structure is much much different than both MMJ and BOH. If anything the production reminds me of Grizzly Bear. I was seriously addicted to their Sun Giant EP for a 24 hour period. And now thanks to Anna I have become another fat music fan at the Fleet Fox buffet. Please check their EP, and full length album out here.

Sun Giant [EP]

Ragged Wood (Link deleted due to request)

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Black Keys - Live In Sydney

Well since it seems we'll have to wait until April to really hear the new Keys album. Here is a great live show to tide us over until that great day. It is a recording of them playing in Sydney, in 2005.

Disc 1
Disc 2