Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Before Sunrise/Sunset Soundtrack

So I re-watched Before Sunrise for the 50th time it seems. A great movie based completely in dialogue and in one day. The sequel is not bad either, some think better than the first. Anyway both have some good tunes in them, i'd thought i would share the dual soundtracks, here.


Stam said...

I agree !!! I loved before sunrise when ik came out. And when the sequel came I didn't expect it to have the same effect on me, but it was great how the characters have 'grown' with the years. I really enjoyed both of the films. And the music. Good atmosphere. Thanks !!

Anonymous said...

Here is a link for my complete movie rip score to this film. Enjoy!!! Different to the official version :)

awayinthemountains said...

Yay, I love you for this.