Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fleet Foxes

Ok so I am riding on the coattails of Anna Apocalypse and sharing a great new band. Fleet Foxes a band I was unfamiliar with just a few days ago, has become one of my new favorite toys on itunes. Their sound is very reminiscent of My Morning Jacket and Band Of Horses. But dont skip over these great offerings because you think they are treading water. Their sound and song structure is much much different than both MMJ and BOH. If anything the production reminds me of Grizzly Bear. I was seriously addicted to their Sun Giant EP for a 24 hour period. And now thanks to Anna I have become another fat music fan at the Fleet Fox buffet. Please check their EP, and full length album out here.

Sun Giant [EP]

Ragged Wood (Link deleted due to request)

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