Monday, March 31, 2008


Sorry for the recent lack of posts, but I have been in California visiting my mom and sister. I arrive back in ohio on wednesday, so I'll be back in the game then. Hopefully, by then the new MMJ record will be leaked (I seriously check the internet every 2 hours to see if it has). If anyone knows anything let me know. Also a couple days ago I attended the Stephen Malkmus show at the southgate house. Although I went myself I am so glad I went, Malkmus is a fucking god on the guitar and I really like all the members of The Jicks. Malkmus got a little weary when during quiet moments people would yell Pavement song requests. Thats understandable I would be upset if I were him as well. Maybe I'm crazy but after listening to Pavement non-stop, I welcome the new Malkmus stuff, even though lame magazines like spin tell you "he'll never be able to be as good as he was in Pavement". Fuck Spin. Oh well thanks, and I'll be back

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Anonymous said...

I am going to be seeing Malkmus in a couple weeks, and I am pretty psyched seeing how I haven't seen him since the Pavement days. Sadly I must admit I do prefer the Pavement stuff to his solo stuff especially all the albums up to and including wowee zowee. But I still love the solo stuff too. Hope all is well in Cali and I love the site.