Friday, January 30, 2009

Drk Was The Nght

Felt kinda bad downloading this, and now putting it out knowing what its for. But based on all the songs I am definitely gonna buy this on vinyl when I see it. Most of us know who is on this, but for reminders you have Spoon, The National, Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, My Morning Jacket, Andrew Bird, Feist, Beirut, Sufjan Stevens, Jose Gonzalez to name a few. Every song to me is sensational, I love the collaborations namely Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) and Aaron Dessner (The National) and the Feist + Grizzly Bear one is another stand out. Please enjoy responsibly and support this cause if you can. Disc 1, Disc 2.

GMPD - Dreamscape

I was unaware of this band, until a group of friends told me about them, and their wild shows. It took me awhile to get around to finally listening to them alone, rather than hearing bits and pieces at parties, etc. This is their newest album that was just released on the bands own label. Formerly known as Gil Mantera's Party Dream, now they are GMPD, they feel the abbreviation is the first step in their new journey. Sounds like 80's 90's dance, synth, robot shit. Their music has been described as "outdated music, and bad lyrics" and that may be true. But this band isnt trying to break new music barriers or create a new sound. Its all pretty tongue in cheek music, but good music to party to. Put this on, drink some Bourbon (or whiskey), smoke some, and enjoy.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Great homemade Wilco video

This is my favorite youtube video at the moment, if you love the song "wishful thinking" you need to watch this.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beirut - March Of The Zapotec, Realpeople Holland EP

Thanks Anna for leaking this, a wonderful two part EP from everyone's favorite gypsy inspired band. The first half "March Of The Zapotec" is essential Beirut, wonderful stories and descriptions of places we wish we'd seen, and people we'd only hope to meet. The second half is where it gets real interesting and awesome. "Realpeople Holland" is Beirut's electronic opus, a side project that wields just as much beauty and complexity that we have grown accustomed to hearing from these guys. Zach's voice as many have pointed out, works really well with the beats and the waves of electronica. Enjoy (re-up'd)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beck - The Information

A concept album of sorts, which seeks to show and explain how technology interacts with our lives and relationships. It's crazy to think that this album was on the shelf for awhile, Beck left it unfinished to work on Guero, and later of course came back to it. Thank God he did, I have probably listened to this album more than any other of his in the past 4 months. It is not surprising that he had this album put away for awhile, its a lot darker than Guero. Maybe he felt that after Sea Change this album could be seen as the same vein, and if there is one thing Beck is great at it is changing. My favorites are "Dark Star", Cellphone's Dead", and "Think I'm In Love". Enjoy

MGMT - Oracular Spectacular

More than a bit late on posting this, but better late than never. Like the Flaming Lips, MGMT blends familiar earthly sounds and themes with the outrageous noise and productions that seem to come from another time and planet. Some songs like "Kids" with the filtered vocals and simple but catchy synths could be played in a club on Mars. "Electric Feel" is another great track from this spacey record, the simplicity of the song brings to mind Spoon's "I Turned My Camera On" where a great bass line can totally carry a song. If you haven't heard this and by chance your a fan of Flaming Lips or Animal Collective, I think you'll really enjoy this one. Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My favorite time of year.

Unbeknownst to most of you this is my favorite time of year, because it is the start of tennis season. Lets hope Roger can pull out another title in Australia.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

/\/\ Ward - Hold Time

The new release from one of the finest musicians as well as songwriters alive today. Super excited for this one, it has been about three years since a solo release from this man, he has understandably been busy doing other things, namely Monsters Of Folk, She & Him, etc. I hope you love this as much as I already do. Enjoy

My Morning Jacket - Itunes Live From The Palms EP

New EP from one of the greatest bands out there today. Mellow live versions of some of their better songs. A must for any die hard MMJ fan, and also a good relaxing EP from the band known for rocking you into a coma. This band can do anything. Enjoy

Da/\/ Auerbach - KIH

The solo disc from the frontman of the two man ohio rock group "The Black Keys". Of course it goes without saying that you will love this if you love the Black Keys, or gritty, fuzzy, noisy, rock and roll. The songs on "Keep It Hid" are a lot more mellow than most of the Keys stuff. There seems to be more country influence involved. I would tend to guess this was recorded in their basement because the sound is a retrospective back to their early releases like The Big Come Up, where in which they used that space to help the overall sound to be more gritty and dirty. Enjoy, Part 1, Part 2.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A/|/imal Co||ective - MPP

I think we have all been looking forward to this, I know I am extremely late for this upload, but whatever. This is a great album, a great outdoor album which the band was seeking to make. The album is a homage to the bands favorite place to see shows. Many songs sound to me like the Beach Boys post "pet sounds" but taking even more drugs. The pop elements and vocals are too much to deny. I just cant stop listening to this. My favorites are My Girls, No More Runnin, and Taste. But as we all know this band is much more than one song, the whole thing is an experience. Enjoy

Fistful Of Quarters

If you have seen "The King Of Kong: A Fistful Of Quarters" you'll understand my pure hatred for Billy Mitchell. If haven't seen this movie please do, its like a Christopher Guest mockumentary but real, but the great part is you get caught up in the battle between good and evil, between Billy Mitchell (a coward) and Steve Weibe (a great man) for the high score in Donkey Kong.

This man is evil.

Monday, January 5, 2009

TV On The Radio - Dancing Choose (Single)

The great single off "Dear Science" also with a great remix of "Crying". Enjoy

Great video