Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beck - The Information

A concept album of sorts, which seeks to show and explain how technology interacts with our lives and relationships. It's crazy to think that this album was on the shelf for awhile, Beck left it unfinished to work on Guero, and later of course came back to it. Thank God he did, I have probably listened to this album more than any other of his in the past 4 months. It is not surprising that he had this album put away for awhile, its a lot darker than Guero. Maybe he felt that after Sea Change this album could be seen as the same vein, and if there is one thing Beck is great at it is changing. My favorites are "Dark Star", Cellphone's Dead", and "Think I'm In Love". Enjoy


Adam N said...

Yes, great album. Beck's whole discography is great.

David Sitek did a great remix of "Dark Star".

sexy said...
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Anonymous said...

Muchas gracias!