Thursday, January 8, 2009

A/|/imal Co||ective - MPP

I think we have all been looking forward to this, I know I am extremely late for this upload, but whatever. This is a great album, a great outdoor album which the band was seeking to make. The album is a homage to the bands favorite place to see shows. Many songs sound to me like the Beach Boys post "pet sounds" but taking even more drugs. The pop elements and vocals are too much to deny. I just cant stop listening to this. My favorites are My Girls, No More Runnin, and Taste. But as we all know this band is much more than one song, the whole thing is an experience. Enjoy


erik said...

Ha, yes it is a very good album. Really grew on me. Yes there is so much pop ideas thrown in here but they are absolutley morphed almost out of recognition with the dense layers and copious amounts of reverb. It's great how it is all electronic based but never draws too much attention to that fact. Not to mention is there ever a time when these boys aren't harmonizing? I like the album a good amount but I can't say I am in the same boat as the folks who are hailing it as the best album of 2009. (ehhem... Grizzly Bear)

FM Stringer said...

Man, thanks so much for this blog.