Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wilco - Wilco (The Album)

It was months ago when Wilco premiered the title track "Wilco the song" on the Colbert report. From then on for me it was a countdown until my favorite band, the band responsible for my musical tastes would come out with a new album. This one was quick Wilco seemed to slow down after A Ghost Is Born, and Sky Blue Sky wasn't what people expected. Some wanted them to keep with the sonic youth type sound experimentation, others wanted a return to the masters of folk who released A.M. and Being There. The result then was in-between. It took me awhile to learn to adopt Sky Blue Sky as a part of the Wilco family, but I am glad I did. This album has created a similar battle, same battle perhaps but new ground. Some say "boring" or "un-inspired" others say "brilliant", "best album this year". I dont have the knowledge or foresight to say either. All I can say is that, i enjoy this album, very much so. To me it seems absurd that Wilco fans would triumph that the band owes their fans anything. If anything we know Wilco as a band whose primary focus is music that they want to play. They are the artists, their job is to create things, songs, and pieces they are proud of and want to share. I am glad they shared this. Another talking point about this album is the total Wilco-ness of it, the album and title track named after the band. All I can say to that is, if you dont see the obvious joking manner of it all then you might want to re-consider your belief that you have a sense of humor. Jeff Tweedy is known for his jokes and also his self deprecation, this is just a manifestation of that. My favorite songs off this album are Bull Black Nova, You and I, Sunny Feeling, and Wilco The Song. Enjoy

Monday, May 11, 2009

Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew - Spirit If

Downloaded this album back when it was new, and forgot to ever give it a listen. But fortunately for me a dear friend had it in his car on a 45 minute drive. Thanks Andrew. Anyways a really sprawling album from one of the many members of Broken Social Scene. From this release you can tell how much input he had into a lot of the band's albums and songs. But Drew isn't alone Feist, Emily Haines (Metric), and Amy Millan (Stars), help out too. Not exactly a true solo album, but Drew has complete corntol of direction and landscape. Judging from this you cant really question his desire to have something to call his own. Other noteable helpers on this album are Dino Jr's J. Mascis (guitar and vocals on "Backed out on the..." and Pavement's Scott Kannberg on "Lucky Ones". Like my friend said "this like most BSS albums, takes a while to grow on you". So this treats repeat listens. Enjoy.

Panda Bear - Young Prayer

Thanks to Lauren from Emerging Thoughts, for introducing me to this great release. Young Prayer was created by Panda Bear shortly after the death of his father. This intensely personal and touching album was also recorded in the same house his father died, there are no track names for a reason. There are none, this helps to keep the album more appealing to anyone. You can essentially put your own words or thoughts into the songs. Somewhat similar to what Sigur Ros is known for. The songs are all comprised of few vocal effects, guitar, and a piano. My favorite is "track 5" This short 30 minute album is very striking and will stay with you. Enjoy.

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