Friday, January 30, 2009

GMPD - Dreamscape

I was unaware of this band, until a group of friends told me about them, and their wild shows. It took me awhile to get around to finally listening to them alone, rather than hearing bits and pieces at parties, etc. This is their newest album that was just released on the bands own label. Formerly known as Gil Mantera's Party Dream, now they are GMPD, they feel the abbreviation is the first step in their new journey. Sounds like 80's 90's dance, synth, robot shit. Their music has been described as "outdated music, and bad lyrics" and that may be true. But this band isnt trying to break new music barriers or create a new sound. Its all pretty tongue in cheek music, but good music to party to. Put this on, drink some Bourbon (or whiskey), smoke some, and enjoy.

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Untold Thoughts said...

You forgot to tell that they put a hell of a live show