Monday, March 9, 2009

Ruby Suns - Sea Lion

Originally meant to be a world music album, but became much more. The beauty of Ryan McPhun's musical vision will engulf you in a blanket of happiness, warmth, and reverb. The sound always makes me think of a bunch of different musicians from all over the world sitting in a room on a summer day and playing good time music. Download this and you wont be disappointed, my favorites are "Oh, Mojave", "There Are Birds", and "Tane Mahuta". Enjoy


©Audiio~Sync said...

these guys are incredible, thanks for posting this! and thank you for keeping your blog updated with links that work.


MF said...

This album really was fantastic. Thank you for the introduction.

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it is always great to come to your blog and find great recommendations like this one, you know so much about music, good music, thanks I loved Oh, Mojave!