Monday, November 5, 2007


Desire, an interesting phenomenon, well i guess it isn't really a phenomenon as it has infiltrated us all, most times without us even recognizing it. I attend Wright State University, and had the luck to attend a class taught by the author of the book "On Desire : Why we want, what we want" William Irvine. I have not as of yet completed the book, but was filled with a (excuse the unavoidable pun) desire to share it with the 3 people that probably read this blog. The book brought up many questions that affect me right now, such as : Why do i feel the desire to share this book with you? Is it because i believe that everyone should read this to help them out, or am i rather subconciously trying to appear more intellectual by adding a book onto the blog. The could be both, i dont know the full extent of my desires. The mere existence of this blog could be a desire for me to be noticed as a human being with idea's. It is true that all humans have this desire to be noticed as Irvine explains in the book. Why have i in the recent days had the desire to bring up the blog to people that expressed no intrest in knowing about it. No worries for the people who may read this, it isnt the end. I just felt the need and desire to ask these questions aloud. Is it possible that this post in and of itself is a subconcious need to feel superior by expounding these average thoughts, i feel i have entered a philosophical quagmire. Well i certainly suggest the it here -

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mary said...

I love the way you write. I felt engaged as I want to answer your questions for myself. I felt like I got to know you better.