Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wilco - Sky Blue Sky Bonus EP

So I just downloaded wilco's sky blue sky bonus ep, from their website. If you own the cd, you download it there as well, but for those wilco fans who dont own it here it is. It contains three un-released songs, and two live performances of Impossible Germany and I Hate It Here. Here @

Some downloaders have told me about problems about divshare, saying its extremly slow. So I am gonna start uploading into Rapidshare, hopefully this works better and provides faster downloads, if anyone knows a better uploading site, please let me know. Thanks


frankie-fake said...

rapidshare is *alright*, but for ease of use and no restrictions on download limits/wait times, definitely go with mediafire.

love your blog, btw.

Sole Amador said...

aww is not longer there :(