Monday, November 26, 2007

Adam Green

Well I couldn't resist not putting up my collection of Adam Green records. Sometimes sick, twisted, funny, and sad but always worth a listen. Mr. Green isn't a singer songwriter of your parents generation, but has some serious talent none the less. Here are all of his releases that I have enjoy.

Garfield, this is his first solo album. Still has a lot of elements that made the Moldy Peaches successful. Notable songs are, My Shadow Tags On Behind, Dance With Me, and Baby's Gonna Die Tonight. Here

Gemstones. This is to some people his best, but i enjoy it probably the least of all his releases. get it Here

Friends Of Mine, this is my favorite of his the whole album is full of great songs. Every Song should be heard especially Friends Of Mine, Bluebirds, Were Not Supposed To Be Lovers, and Bunnyranch. Here

Jacket Full Of Danger, this is his latest release. He changes his voice and sound essentially every album, here he recreates himself into a drugged out lounge singer. Notables are Nat King Cole, Novotel, and Drug. Here

Jessica [EP] this is a short ep he put out between Gemstones and Friends Of Mine. Notable songs are What A Waster, and a duet with Ben Kweller doing Kokomo. Here


buben said...

these are .m4u how can i turn them to mp3? :( :( said...

Not sure exactly, I apologize to anyone who has problems with these files. I have everything on my iTunes, therfore converting it to .M4u or .MP4. You might want to try to find a free program that can transfer them to mp3.

Anonymous said...

some links are broken :/

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