Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Adam Torres - Nostra Nova

This guy went to school with my sister at Ohio University, and she sent me his album Nostra Nova a few months ago. Its worth a listen and it also helps create a little buzz about him. Get it here.

His myspace page.


goodbye nashville said...

dude is all your music in mp4 format cause i cant listen to that and am gutted deeply

Zak425@gmail.com said...

Yea they are in MP4 format, what problem do you have playing them?

Zak425@gmail.com said...

I play all my music through Itunes, so maybe if you download that and play your media through itunes, you'll be able to listen to the songs. I just like the layout of itunes, keeps everything organized. Hope it works, let me know if it doesnt.