Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Alejandro Escovedo

Escovedo is a musical gem period. He might just put on the best live show I have ever seen. He is in a tight race with Flaming Lips in that respect, although their live performances are totally different. Alejandro doesnt use spectacles or crazy means to inspire the audience. When a friend and I saw him perform at the Southgate House in KY, we were floored by him. We went in knowing very little of his music, only what we heard from him on a Fresh Air segment on WNKU. The intimacy of the performance was incomparable to anything we had experienced before. Especially when he and his violin player left the stage and performed in the middle of the audience in dead silence, to have that much faith in your voice to keep notes yet fill the room is simply stunning. Anyway here are two of his albums, even though you have to see him live to get the whole feel, his albums are pretty great too.

Here is his latest release, The Boxing Mirror. This is his comeback album after almost dying from Hepatitis. Luckily for us he didnt, he survived the ordeal. I cant even imagine the pain he must have went through. Luckily a lot of music fans came out and helped to raise money to pay for his medical bills, and keep him safe. Humanity like that seems to surprise us most times, give credit to those generous people for his continuation in the music industry. Most of the songs in this are reflective, which is natural for someone who went through a possible life ending struggle. Notable songs are Arizona (which chronicle his demons of letting go of vices as he fought for his life), Dear Head On The Wall (I believe it is an adaptation from his wife's poems), Evita's Lullaby, and Break This Time. Here

Next is With These Hands, an earlier album but just as great as Boxing Mirror. Notable songs are Put You Down, Crooked Frame, and Sometimes. Here


rickdog said...

I'm wondering if Mr Escovedo is still a raging right-wing Bush supporter, or if he's seen the light considering all that's transpired since I first discovered his political leanings.

Zak425@gmail.com said...

I remember when I saw him live, he made remarks against the current administration. He is very much against this whole "illegal immigration" garbage. As he comes from parents who immigrated from Mexico. At the show i remember one rowdy audience member who was booing when Alejandro made sarcastic remarks about Bush. Alejandro just looked at this guy like he was a frek, so its odd to hear that at one time he supported Republicans such as Bush.

aitch said...

Just got round to checking out The Boxing Mirror - many thanks, by the way! I was intrigued by this one as much from the production point of view as anything, and it starts promisingly enough. I'm only, however, getting the first minute of Notes On Air... is it just me? For completedness, is there any chance of re-posting just this track?
Much appreciated,