Wednesday, February 6, 2008

AA Bondy - American Hearts

Don't know much about this guy or band other than he has some relationship to the Felice brothers, who in their own right are pretty damn good. This is a pretty haunting album, the wraspy voice and hazy production are perfect for the songs. A great album to listen to when your staying at home on a saturday night. Indulge and Get it here

I just found out he is gonna be in columbus on the 17th, Ill be there.


northside coffee said...

thankyou for intruducing me to so much good new music. i am following mr lincolns advice and my record collection is growing steadily

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the AA Bondy it sounds great. I love The Felice Brothers and I am really digging this. Thanks


Cullen said...

Zak This was a great call. I hadn't heard of him before and naow am a big fan