Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yo La Tengo - Summer Sun

I can't believe I haven't uploaded this album yet. This is definitely my favorite Yo La Tengo record. This album more than any other they have done sounds like The Velvet Underground performing in a Jazz club. I remember when I saw them live, and was expecting to see three low key people playing their music and saying little, jesus was I wrong. The performance was pretty insane, guitar solos, and rapid movements were par for the course. Favorites on this album are Season Of The Shark (which sounds like a childhood lullaby), Today Is The Day (tell me she doesn't sound like Nico), and Don't Have To Be Sad. Here.


MDS said...

Great stuff - thanks!

You wouldn't happen to have a line on the new Louris/Olson "Ready for the Flood", would you?

Anonymous said...

Request: Jenny Lewis new LP "Acid Tounge" !!! "Carpetbaggers" kicks major ass! /Bakamomo

Anonymous said...

Heya Zak,

been readin your blog for some time dude. Inspired me to start my own!
Have decided on a mix of indie, classic type albums and whatever else the hell i want. Will make sure all my links are workin and will post full albums for 'try before you buy' use. For anyone who wants to link or cares enough to check regularly, my blog addy is:


Eve said...

hey! i am from brazil and i just want to say that i am always reading your blog. its awesome and i met lots of cool and new stuff that i really enjoyed.

about this yo la tengo album, there is "little eyes" that i just LOVE! you are so lucky to saw them live! :)

thats all. keep bringing cool stuff!