Monday, October 27, 2008

Wise Blood - S/T

My friend Karl has finished his solo self titled album. He is getting it mastered and probably going to release it on vinyl. The album is fucking great. Not a bad song on the whole thing. Karl is religious and it shows in his music and his first solo effort. Don't look for preaching, but more analogies and parables, seen in other musicians like Sufjan Stevens. My favorite track on the album has changed many times, right now I would say it's "untitled". Other song recommendations are "Well I Had A Revelation And...", "The Ballad Of Ichabod Vincent For His Lady At Sea", and "Ballons". If you like AA Bondy, Bon Iver, or José González you will really enjoy this album. There has been a shortage of good album releases lately. And this one makes the top of my list. Enjoy

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting your buddies album. I am really digging it. Kudos to him for making a really great album.