Monday, November 17, 2008

Little Joy - Little Joy

Thank you to whoever sent me the link to this. A side band from members of The Strokes, Los Hermanos, and Devandra Banhart. Beautiful country/brazilian/golden pop. Wonderful music, an album that passes way too quickly, but you'll be holding on till the last second. If you like Autumn Defense, Devandra Banhart, or Jose Gonzales then you'll Enjoy this.


peaitlreiecnia said...

you have stellar taste in music

i might just have to link you

Anonymous said...

Yo Yo, I like this alot, This will be in my cd player in my truck for months to come. And when friends jump in my cab they will ask, who is this? and I will reply I've got a killer blog hook up

Anonymous said...

I confess I've downloaded this album without reading your lines and I was surprised when I heard "Evaporar", an obscure z-side from brasilian band Los Hermanos. If you never heard of them you should make a try, from their ska/alt. rock beginnings to experiment on a fusion of samba, alt. rock and folky style music of their last albums they became a kind of "cult" band in Brasil. The band is over and out now and Marcelo Camelo released a very good album last september.
Here you can download all the albums
Los Hermanos

Marcelo Camelo

Thanks for share!
I'm sorry for my bad and poor english..

rebecca said...

i just today stumbled across your page via a mutual friend on facebook.. this album is amazing and i'm going to have to go back and look at all your other posts to see if there's anything else i want.. i'm always looking for new stuff. thanks for the download links.. it makes things easier than torrents! great taste in music. see you around