Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fred Thomas - Sink Like a Symphony [2006]

Fred Thomas is the singer and songwriter of Michigan-based group "Saturday Looks Good to Me." While SLGTM's music might be described as emotional and lovelorn (at least until their latest release "Fill Up the Room" which had more versatile lyrical content), Fred Thomas' recent solo record is more spiritual, trying to come to terms with the world and find-- as Fred himself once told me when I met him at a show-- "some universal understanding." He has always been a remarkable lyricist with a knack for using bright images from everyday life to bring his songs to life. And he does this again here, except instead of drawing on stories from past loves, he draws more broadly on his life and observations of the world. Love, lost friendship, packing up and leaving things behind, death, the afterlife-- are all major themes in these songs, which he somehow weaves together into bittersweet transcendence.

Thomas' music is a bit polarizing. Some are turned off by his quivering, uneven voice, while others love it for this very reason.

If you like this song by him - Apples on the Floor.mp4

then you will probably like this album - Sink Like a Symphony

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