Monday, July 28, 2008

José González - Veneer

I am not sure if I have already posted this or not. While I was in Sweden I tried to discover a lot of music from that region, of course I knew of Jose but it wasn't until I was in his homeland that I gave him a real listen. Seeing his hometown of Gothenborg it gave me a sort of understanding of his music. This album to me is very good, even though it got ok reviews. A Norwegian girl I met in Genoa gave me a big list of Scandinavian artists to listen to, and dont worry once I find and sort through it I will post it. Anyways here is the album. Favorites are the cover of "The Knife" song Heartbeats, Stay In The Shade, and Deadweight On Velveteen Here.


Anonymous said...

says its an unknown file type when it starts to download. He sounds amazing from the songs on his myspace

Anonymous said...

this is such a great album. everyone shoul have this album.