Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bob Dylan - Discography

Here is my big gift for all you, every Bob Dylan record I have.

Another Side Of Bob Dylan

Before The Flood (Disc 1), (Disc 2)

Blonde On Blonde

Blood On The Tapes (Demo's from "Blood On The Tracks")

Blood On The Tracks

Bob Dylan

No Direction Home Bootlegs (Disc 1), (Disc 2)

Live At Budokan (Disc 1), (Disc 2)

Bringing It All Back Home


Down In The Groove


Empire Burlesque

Good As I Been To You

Hard Rain

Highway 61 Revisited


John Wesley Harding

Knocked Out Loaded

Live At The Gaslight (Live 1962)

Love & Theft

Modern Times

MTV Unplugged (1984)

Nashville Skyline

New Morning

Oh Mercy

Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid

Philharmonic Hall Live, 1964 (Disc 1), (Disc 2)

Real Live

Rolling Thunder Revue, 1975 (Disc 1), (Disc 2)

Royal Albert Hall, 1966 (Disc 1), (Disc 2)


Self Portrait

Shot Of Love

Slow Train Coming

Street Legal

The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

The Times They Are A Changin'

Time Out Of Mind

Under The Red Sky

World Gone Wrong


Anonymous said...

Unreal. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

nashville skyline is my favorite, with blood on the tracks and bringing it all back home close behind. but like a friend says when i ask him what his favorite dylan tune is, "whichever one is playing now"

Anonymous said...

wow, amazing. Lots of stuff here i haven't even heard. thanks thanks thanks

James said...

you have just greatly increased the quality of my life while at work...

here's something else cool to look at, free web comics and cartoon art by some crazy nut


Aaron said...

Thanks for the music. Awesome albums!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. The 66 & 75 Bootlegs are unbeatable. Thanks so much...

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a gift! Now all I need is The Bootleg Series, VOl. 1-3 and my Dylan collection is complete!!

Much thanks!

j.s. said...

Thanks for sharing the love.

Anonymous said...

thank you thank you thank you.

Jake said...

You are the man... Thank you so much! I have the bootleg series vol.1,2, and 3 and the basement tapes if you are interested hit me up @ jake.jocob0@gmail.com and I'll send you links... keep up the good work and peace be with you and all who love good music

paul said...

your the man ! cheers


Anonymous said...

you're awesome
this is a mammoth contribution to any teenager with an acoustic guitar
you're quite the patron

dugg said...

what an amazing collection of music. 'blood on the tracks' is one of my 'forever' records, so i'm really looking forward to hearing the roughs.
with many thanks,

Anonymous said...

Great!!! Muchas, muchas gracias

Anonymous said...

man you did a grate job there! thank you so much...

Shaun said...

Thank you so much for all of these links. Lately, nothing has really done it for me except good ol' "Bobby" Dylan. Now I will be able to delve deeper into my Dylan phase. Thanks man! And THIS is the kind of music WORTH buying!

Anonymous said...

You rock.

Marie said...

Thank you so much for this! I wish Blood On The Tracks wasn't deleted, but hopefully I can find that at my local library. Thanks again!

Meredith Gray said...

Soo good! It's simply awesome! Thank you sooo much for this!!


lbd said...

the witmark demo's. heard 'em?
used to have an imported cd version, but played the low quality disk to death.
early stuff, gaslight and s/t era.
one of my favorite collections of dylan songs.

Anonymous said...

a big thank you from france