Friday, September 26, 2008

Why? - Live Stuff

I went to see Why? last night at the opening night of the Midpoint Music Fest, which is a three day festival with some pretty good acts coming here and in some cases coming home. Anyways, I saw Why? play, and they were fucking awesome Josiah Wolf deserves a lot of credit for keeping about four different beats going on, switching rather quickly and also singing back up vocals. At the merch stand I picked up this "almost" live tour "ep". They are the songs arranged for live performances, a great gift for any Why? fan. I also found another "almost live ep" from Why? entitled "Almost Live From Anna's Cabin" which is basically the same thing, but for their earlier material. Enjoy.

Almost Live From Anna's Cabin

Almost Live From Eli's Live Room (Part 1), (Part2).


Alex said...

Oh wow, I've been looking for a better version of Anna's Cabin, no idea there was a new live one out. Thanks a bunch!

Anna said...

I was linked to your blog from my friend's blog and Im so glad cause I love Why? Thanks! Although Im a bit jealous that you got to see them. The blogs great. I will definitely keep reading!

Anonymous said...

any chance of a re-up for Almost Live From Eli's Live Room, for 2012?

If the mayans are right and we all die in december, I'd love to hear this one first :)