Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Momo - Buscador

I was sent this album from a friend and reader of the blog. Sometimes I am not sure what to think if I get sent something. Its hard to give something the attention it needs when i have no knowledge of the music or background of the artists, but this album "Buscador" from Momo a Brazilian band didn't ask for my attention it took it. The emailer who I have to thank, made a great comparison to Pink Floyd in terms of the guitars and crashing drums. This however is much more than that, the songs seem to flow really well together, this is an album in the truest of terms. It is not one song to the next but a complete album with a focus, its hard for me to grasp the meanings of the songs, as I believe they're sung in Portuguese. But you dont have to have the lyrics to understand or relate to the music. Try this album, I implore you, you'll never look back. My favorites are "Preciso Ser Pedra", "Irmãos", and "Tristeza", but the whole thing is exotic and beautiful. Enjoy

The bands site.

Thanks to Jairo.


José said...

Thanks a lot for all these great posts of bands completely unknown to me.

eev said...

i am brazilian and didnt know about this band.

celticFred said...

looking forward to giving this a listen never heard of band but willing to expand my musical knowledge many thanks for this

Anonymous said...

i dont understand a single word they say. but i love it..


Moustache said...

i´m glad you like our music...the lyrics of this album ´´ the seeker ``, in english - talk about HOPE..


Howard Roark. said...

awesome blog. keep it up.