Sunday, December 21, 2008


This is a story about the first public Christmas in Iraq. On the surface "hey thats cool, i guess" as the Christ in Christmas has been almost lost and it has become a holday about getting together with family and celebrating your friends, etc. I love Christmas. But this is fucking ridiculous to me. How can we publicly despise any other culture, religion (Islam) or political view (Communism) because they "force" their view on others. When this is a perfect example of the United States doing it. Putting pictures of Jesus on blimps around the city, are you fucking kidding me. I have no problem with people celebrating their respective holidays, but when the government basically our government does this it makes me think we are often what we despise rather than what we think. Its nice that the people are uniting by why is it around a americanized holiday and a christian fictional character?


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. But you also try and sway people by saying "a christian fictional character." To be fair, there is a ton of historical evidence that Jesus was real, no matter what you believe about him. Doesn't mean people should force it on anyone. I hope that is not what is happening.

Zak said...

yea i know i just thought it would be a nice touch of sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!

First, I would like to say that I really apreciate your post.
Even though we can find historial evidence for the existence of Christ, from these evidence to the usual Santa Claus (with his red clothes, white beard, and all) there is certainly a long distance, covered only by tradition. A tradition which we shoudn't impose on anyone (person, people or nation).
Anyway, there is even more historical evidence for Muhammad, and we should respect their tradition. Even more when it comes to a tradition that on our side has become more than anything a commercial happening.
I agree with you Zack, it is really, really sad to see this kind of news, and it defies everything that the american government proclaims.

Please, keep on with your wonderful blog.

Lastwaltzer said...

Hey Zak,

I can't tell you how happy I am to see that you posted this. With your blog your getting thousands of hits, its great to see you not waste the oppurtinty to speak your mind with this space.

I've linked to the peice on my blog as well.

Thanks For All The Music,


P.S. I know you linked to Noble Beast a week back, do you have the bonus disc by any chance?

prophloures said...

Excuse me what is this "Evidence" you speak of? There is actually NO supporting evidence to prove the existence of Christ. The Romans were very diligent record keepers and they have absolutely no records of his life, prosecution or execution. And none of the historians of that time have any record of a Christian following even existing until long after his supposed "death". In fact when I think of Christmas I feel sorry for all the Jewish people being wrongfully accused of killing a fable. If he didn't "die" there wouldn't have been anything to talk about. I'm sorry to do this to all you Christians but if you actually believe the tenets of Christianity you should apologize to a Jewish person. How would you feel if your people were falsely accused of murder? Religion is the cornerstone of war. No one says you cant be a good person, but do you honestly feel comfortable attributing it to some ancient "murder" victim?

Anonymous said...

There are lots of native Christian communities in Iraq that go back 1000s of years. Christianity is much older there than in the US. Also, Muslims have no problem with Jesus at all, they just don't consider him divine. I'm sure that they are perfectly happy to celebrate his birth.

Anonymous said...

Have a brilliant Christmas! Thank you for the music, you guys.
It's almost been another great year.

Anonymous said...

December 25th is a pagan holiday. Funny how it's been adopted by the christians over the years..

Anonymous said...

STFU loser

23/7 said...

good stuff...

i try to mix political posts with music posts on my blog. i often find that most music head just aren't interested in the politics (or just prefer not to mix).

either way, good post.