Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Band Of Horses - Everything All The Time (Demo's)

I found these 4 tracks on the old Band Of Horses website. Three of the songs are pretty rough but beautiful demo versions of songs that appeared on their first album. The titles are a little different but Bass Song later became "Our Swords", For Wicked Gil became "Wicked Gil" and of course "Funeral" is well..you know. The final song didn't appear on the album or anything they have done since its title "I Lost My Dingle On The Red Line". These are quite unusual to the studio produced songs, but I love these songs a lot. The songs are a lot less rocking, Funeral especially is a lot slower, but equally powerful. Enjoy.

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Jochem said...

Really nice little collection of songs! I like it that they are a lot less rocking actually, gives them some more 'mystique' or whatever :)