Saturday, June 14, 2008

Farewell for 5 weeks

hello all, this is zak. I am going to Europe with a friend for about 5 weeks and wont be taking the laptop with me, luckily for you Dusty will still be posting stuff, and also expect a huge gift when i get back (i am planning to upload the entire Dylan catalogue), anyways enjoy and thanks for the comments (both positive and negative). Heres a itinerary of where in Europe of where we are gonna be, so if you live in these towns and see two poor looking Americans, feed us and let us use your shower, haha.

scratch nuremburg and milan, were going to Rome, Genoa, and Geneva instead..


Freaks said...

Looks like a great trip ! Have fun !

Jaime said...

i can't read your image, but i wish to say you won't let to go to Scotland, specifically Edinburgh. you certainly will would to love this small city with a lot of great concerts to enjoy.

good trip!

(great blog)

Anonymous said...

Be Safe!!!

Katherine said...

I'm going to just miss you in Milan and Barcelona. Looks like it won't work out for you to come down to Madrid which is a shame, but maybe I'll see you around Ohio in August. Best of luck,


Winters. said...

well, enjoy your trip ... but I always wondered how much you really get to see of a city/coutry when you skip through them so hastily? (to me, it sounds horrific ... I like a week in one place, or at least 4 days)