Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tall Tales And The Silver Lining - Earthling

A couple months ago I uploaded two songs from Tall Tales EP "Earthling". Well now I will offer the entire thing. This is a great little 6 song EP. This is for any fans of contemporary Americana music, fans of Carrissa's Wierd, Iron & Wine, and Bonnie "Prince" Billy will really love this stuff. Notable songs are Winged Spirit, Highway Song, and Sister And Mother. Enjoy.


UncleBens said...

Very cool stuff. His voice kinda reminds me of Vetiver's Andy Cabic--very soothing. Thanks for the post!

Mark said...

check out some of the other stuff on Beehouse Records.

the new album Swell, by Franklin For Short is good and features Trevor Beld from Tall Tales on bass.

check 'em out and if you like 'em you can buy 'em right from our website to help support the artists.