Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ratatat - LP3 [2008]

Considering that their last 2 albums, "Classics" and "Ratatat", are of the utmost quality and are albums I've regularly listened to for a couple of years, I am looking forward to getting into this, Ratatat's newest, unreleased album "LP3".

I've listened through it once and in terms of instrumentation its pretty experimental. Whereas it seemed to me that on both of their last two albums they used almost exclusively guitars and synthezers-- and with rather consistent synthesizer settings-- on this one they seem to use all sorts of new sounds (most still synthesized, but quite different from those used previously). They experiment a bit more with style and rhythm as well. They're definitely branching out a bit but don't seem to be going downhill at all. Get this album here.


Anonymous said...

this album is soooo sweet. it made me mad that pitchfork blasted it for the lack of singing, ratatat know what they do well, and kill it here. extremely catchy and addicting. thanks for posting, i went over to itunes and purchased all their albums because of you. i love your site, thanks for all the insight.

The Electric said...

Link is dead, love the album, please put it back up.