Saturday, December 15, 2007

Band Of Horses - Everything All The Time

This was my fav. album of 2006. I couldn't go one day without listening to at least one song from this album. I believe that this is better than their latest release, no offense to Cease To Begin, its a good album, but doesn't size up to this one. I first heard of this album in a record store, i was wearing a My Morning Jacket shirt, and this guy came up and said "so you like MMJ?" and after i said "yes" he said "well man i was at a Iron & Wine show, and this band called Band Of Horses opened for them, and they remind me of MMJ." Thank you sir, wherever you are. I saw BOH twice last year, both times were small shows but worth going to even if most of people had no clue about the band. Since those days it seems the band has taken over the world, they deserve it, they have had a rough and long road to where they are now, congrats. Get It Here

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this,now ordring the cd's!! awesome stuff!!