Wednesday, December 12, 2007

An Old Favorite

This is an old fav. for me. I first heard this album a couple winters ago, ever since that this album screams winter to me. Funny how we can assimilate a sound with a feeling or temperature. Anyway this was also my first wilco album i had ever heard. Since that wonderful day, they have become my fav. band out right now, and thats not debatable to me. I remember reading (and also remembering agreeing) that this album could be placed right after The Beatles Rubber Soul, and would make it the "next transition". The whole album is note worthy, my fav. songs change from day to day. But for now we'll go with I'm Always In Love, Via Chicago, Summerteeth, and In A Future Age. I also remember one person asked Jeff Tweedy "what does summerteeth mean?" and Tweedy (probably at that time fuzzy from the drugs) said "summerteeth and some aren't." Get it here.

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