Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Black Keys

I felt extremely lucky yesterday, as I was able to see The Black Keys play in their hometown (Akron, OH). The venue was the best I have ever been in, it is the Akron Civic Center.

The only thing that was disappointing, was I dont think most of the people in Akron know what they have. First of all the show did sell out, but most of the crowd werent younger kid or people (which isn't bad at all, a mixed crowd shows how the music can affect people of all ages) but since a significant amount of the audience were older, they did not know how to act at a rock concert. First of all going in, this is their hometown I thought the place would erupt and just go nuts. But I was surprised when most of the crowd didnt stand during the performance, most of them seemed unmoved or disinterested in the show. The band was putting on such a great show. Live shows dont just depend on the bands energy, but also the crowd as well. I hope that soon Akron realizes what they have, and start showing some more interest, in any other city the place would have been raucous.
Also The Keys played numerous new songs, on an album they said would be out in the new year. The songs were great, the same style, but its the style I love and grown accustomed to.

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theOmega said...

I had to at one point move from back stage to the lobby rather quickly, and the thing I noticed first was everyone seemed to be standing. I think Akron knows what they have. It was a great show!