Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Silver Jews

Unfortunately I dont have many of the albums released by the Silver Jews, but the two I have I love and greatly enjoy. The Jews started with David Berman and his friends Stephen Malkmus and Bob Nastanovich (of Pavement). At the time Malkmus and Berman were Museum guards and Bob Nastanovich was a bus driver. Together they blended the great sounds of Pavement, with the great poetic lyrics form David Berman. In a sense Berman's lyrics and voice remind me of Jim O'Rourke and maybe a little Daniel Johnston too. One of my favorite lines comes from the song Animal Shapes, Berman sings "Later on, somewhere else, I said some things I didn't mean. Yes, I know everybody's on a first name basis with the king." Anyway here are two albums from them enjoy.

Tanglewood Numbers. My favorite album of theirs, and the band who backs Berman contains, Stephen Malkmus, Bob Nastanovich, Cassie Berman (David's wife), and William Oldham (Bonnie "Prince" Billy" among others. Notable songs are Animal Shapes, K-Hole, There Is A Place, and How Can I Love You If You Won't Lie Down. Here

Starlite Walker, earlier work from the Jews, still most worth your ears time. Notable songs are New Orleans, Advice To The Graduate, and Rebel Jew. Here

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Kat said...

Hi...I know this is an old post, but I thought it was well worth the risk in saying something that you may have heard since first posting...American Water! And Bright Flight. Both amazing amazing worth checking out, blew my brain great!