Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mp4/M4a problems

Ok so I have seen a couple problems with the files I upload. I use iTunes for all my music, and therefore it is converted to the mp4 m4a format. Some readers computers cannot read or play these files. I believe i have found a free solution, to those of you who are interested. Its here

Let me know if this works, thanks.


jamgab said...

or you could just change the preferences on your itunes to import using mp3 instead of mp4. then you can even control your bit-rate as well.

neil said...


DudeAsInCool said...

Other converters include Zamzar, VisualHub and Switch

Anonymous said...

use foobar you cavemen. (unusually for a player its not spy/ad/virus).

It can also play exotic files like apes (download the additional component).

By the way, i-tunes sucks the devils hairy nuts.

Anonymous said...

well some times you have to use itunes for, say, an Ipod Touch or iPhone.