Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Some Blogs, Articles, Writers, What Have You

I sometimes spend some time reading articles by either professional or bloggers about music and musicians. Most of them make me angry than they do good. I was just reading some guys little post about Spoon. He references some quote form Pitchfork, about how they are "a poor man's billy joel." I dont read Pitchfork so i cant confirm that statement, but if true, what are they talking about? Unless it is or was taken out of context. Which brings me to the point of this post. I generally dislike reading magazines such as Pitchfork or RS because quite often the writers have some kind of axe to grind or want a clever little passive aggressive quote about a band or an artist. I am sure more people feel this way, but many dont. The point of these music blogs are to give you the music free to give you the right to make up your mind, not listen to bloggers, or critics, or magazines with some point in mind. We as a world tend to build something up just to crush it, I.E. in this case we'll stick to Spoon. Yea their music is on commercials and movies, and i love it, why should i dislike the fact that music i like is on something i have watched? This phenomenon has occurred all throughout history, look at Mozart for christ sakes, the man was essentially killed by a man jealous of his talents, I believe the same is true here. Im sure these critics or bloggers realize that they have a forum, and soon find ways to get their notoriety by criticizing others. Its not that i dont believe people have a right to voice their opinion or a forum, but it doesnt mean its always a great thing. We must take the good and the bad, it is the duality of this existence. Its their music they do what they want with it, (well at least i hope so). But people are so petty they will drop a band from their listening devices because of a car ad, or a movie soundtrack, well good riddance. This doesnt apply to the blogs on my list or the people who are on this blog (at least i hope so). Sorry for the soapbox post, but we all should be aware of this tendency for critics and bloggers (who most by the way couldn't keep a beat with these musicians) to tear someone down when they are on the top or near the top of their careers. The duality rears its head again, there is a thin line between many things, including love and hate. Critics and bloggers tend to hate or try to bring down things that they once loved, or thought they loved. I dont mean to lump all critics or bloggers in this. Thanks for reading if you did.

Although he is considered pretty self involved Ryan Adams phone message to one critic illustrates the point.

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