Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Music Now Festival 2008

I have just heard the word about the annual music fest put on by Bryce Dessner or as you know him as the guitarist for The National, who are all natives of Cincinnati. Bryce is a great man for doing this, he realizes that Cincinnati has great venues such as the Contemporary Arts Center, and Memorial Hall. As well as seeing Cincinnati as a music savy town. This festival has allowed me to see Glenn Kotche (of Wilco and Loose Fur fame), Sufjan Stevens, and Amiina. They have released their featured artists for this year. The big names are Andrew Bird, Grizzly Bear, and Glenn Kotche. I implore you, if you live in cincy or near cincy come to this please, its a great opportunity to see artists in a smaller venue and performances you wouldn't get anywhere else.

The website is available by clicking the link in the above paragraph. The dates are april 2nd to the 5th.

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Dusty Wilmes said...

are you gonna go? Wish I could be there, last year was fucking brilliant.