Thursday, January 3, 2008


So i just finished watching a movie that many people have been raving about. Dear friends that I like and care for have told me what a great movie Once is. So I am in the minority, as I didn't like it. The songs didn't strike me, the conversation just seemed pretty normal. I get that this is a pretty realistic view of how real life is, other movies that have this angle I usually enjoy, i.e. Before Sunrise I loved. This movie i found myself finding other things to do while it was on. My reason for not liking wasn't to fit in or simply try to differ myself from people who did, as previously stated many people I admire and respect loved this. I'm sure its the same when I hear someone say they don't like Wilco or any other band i love by saying "i don't get it". I don't think my opinion means much, but i do enjoy that even "great" movies or art is still debatable.

It may be possible that after viewing the movie poster over and over before seeing the film may have sealed the deal, as they are walking on a guitar neck, that seemed kind of lame to me. Oh well.

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Anonymous said...

just saw this movie last night. i feel the same way. too cute, too precious... some of the songs were pretty good, but overall... but you're right. everyone i know loved this flick.