Monday, April 28, 2008

Carissa's Wierd - I Before E

I was meaning some post some Carissa's Wierd, as I have gotten really into them. As most know, Carissa's Wierd was the first band of Ben Bridwell (Band of Horses) and Matt Brooke (Band of Horses, Grand Archives). This is really spectacular music, and you can see where both men came from and how their music styles progressed. The music is less chaotic than BOH, and not as soft and calming like Grand Archives. The songs show more distinct changes in styles, as the various members bring each a different sound and talent to the band. This is a collection of live performances, I hope you enjoy these tunes. My favorites from this are, One Night Stand, Heather Rhodes, and Phantom Fireworks. Here.

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Sara said...

thanks so much for this..i saw them open for iron and wine back in the day in atl..