Thursday, April 3, 2008

Two Great Albums...

Here are two somewhat new great albums. Maybe I wasn't so keen on uploading so quick, but for anyone who has been on the edge of downloading these, please take the jump their worth it.

The first is Beirut's Flying Club Cup, a beautiful gypsy folk experience. Zach Condon has a great voice that fits perfectly in this album. Each song is a totally new thing, each generate a different and quite interesting universe. Get the masterpiece here.

The next album is Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago. If you haven't heard the myth already, Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver - which means "good winter" in french) (oh yea by the way, he got the name from my fav. show Northern Exposure) took four months alone in a Wisconsin hunting cabin to create this dark, perplexing and ridiculously good album. Vernon plays just a handful of instruments himself to create this haunting album. Here.

Vernon describes his experience in the cabin, "I was about 25 miles from anything -- even a gas station -- and even miles from another home. The only thing you'd really hear is a slight howl from the highway 20 miles away and then maybe birds, but really it was so quiet. I had nothing but the sound of my own thoughts, and they were really loud when that's all that was going on."

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Jason said...

I love Bon Iver. I had the good fortune to see them play at Schuba's in Chicago a while back before I even knew anything about him. My buddy from high school his cousin is in the band, kind of cool but not really. This album makes me want to camp in the North Woods every time I hear it.