Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Morning Jacket - Rolling Stone [EP]

I got this from this great new blog titled, The Steam Engine. You can find it under the blog list I have compiled over the months, this EP includes 3 acoustic versions of Master Plan, Golden, and Steam Engine. I love these versions, as I am scrambling to find anything new to me by these guys. Check It Here.


Jason said...

Thanks for the plug! I must say that I am jealous, no, ENVIOUS (kidding), that you got to meet these guys! I flew down to Houston (I am from Chicago) to see them play their new songs for the first time, it was great man. Have been listening to the SXSW show? Ridiculous man, they are on top of their game. Anyways I will be watching for anything new, check back often, I have got a couple of new songs they played acoustic to post and I have a really great Jim James solo show to post, he even play Dondante acoustic.

In that RollingStone Originals photo the whole band is the picture, do you think that there are full band recordings out there or is just some press shot with the RollingStone shit slapped on their?

Take care man.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say great blog. i found you on ear bleeding country, which i was sorry to see go.

have you ever heard of timber timbre? you'd probably dig them. low-fi, dark, great tunes. check 'em out.