Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Minus 5 - At The Organ

I found this little gem at the local record store, and maybe my favorite one i have been to, Shake It Records. Which can be found in Northside for any of you who are hip to the cincy scene. Anyways this is a nice little EP for all the fans of the Wilco/Minus 5 collaboration "Down With Wilco", if you haven't heard it please listen to it. Its a great side project/type thing, it shows off that Wilco can do funky alternative rock, (as if they couldn't do something amazing). Anyways, The Minus 5 pretty much consists of Scott McCaughey who has been a on off member of R.E.M and plays live with them. Anyways you might want to listen to Down With Wilco (click on the title for D/L) before this EP, as the EP is more like a "extra features" companion rather than a separate release. Get it here.


Dusty Wilmes said...

Bad ass photo (Down by Law)

KimoX said...

i've been searching for this album since... I don't even remember :D thanks dude !